“Chase your dreams, but always know the road will lead you home again.” –Tim McGraw


Highland Avenue is the realization of a childhood passion and matured entrepreneurial spirit taking form. Owner Tiffany Clemons grew up in a small town of Eastern Kentucky, often assisting a close family friend with selling wholesale clothing at local festivals and community events in her adolescence. Today, she is working to grow this enterprise by providing an affordable shopping experience for women. The goal of Highland Avenue is to empower a sense of confidence, boldness, and “ready to slay” attitude through transitional, fashionable and trendy apparel.

Highland Avenue brings fun and classy looks that make women feel powerful and unstoppable throughout her day. As the concept of “staying true to self” is of high importance to Tiffany, we want to embody the ability to professionally evolve without compromising your unique identity.

It is our mission to provide a platform for women around the world to become inspired, to remain authentic, and follow their own dreams. Just as Highland Avenue reflects Tiffany incorporating her passion and dreams, we hope you remember to always work hard and follow yours, purposefully.